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 Real World (Tokyo,Japan)

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PostSubject: Real World (Tokyo,Japan)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:46 pm

- Real World (Tokyo Wards) -

> The real world focuses only on the 23 wards within Tokyo, Japan. Humans know of digimon within the area but try to keep quiet about it and see them as the daily spirits or Yokai. In other cases the government has created the Pandora special forces to deal with the Digimon actions using their strange tactics to deal with it all. Two other factions are found here known as The Agents and Avalon. They seem to work in order to protect the digimon and sending them back to the digital world.
+ Basic Data +
x. Digimon (Rookie to Champion Levels)
x. Digi-Knights (Varies Ranks)
x. Pandora Standing: High
x. Agents Standing: Average
x. Avalon Standing: Average

+ Faction(s) & Locations +
+. Agents (Minato)
+. Pandora (Shinjuku)
+. Avalon (Shibuya)
+ Resting & Shops Lounge +
+. Equipment & Item Shop: [CLICK ME!]
+. Disk Shop: [CLICK ME!]
+. Program Shop: [CLICK ME!]

+ Distances to other Wards. +
Every 1 Ward from location = 2 Hours (IRL)
+ Hazards +
+ Wild Digimon (Rookies + Champions)
+ Pandora Digi-Knights (Novice  > Master Rank)
+ Agent Digi-Knights (Novice > Expert Rank)
+ Avalon Digi-Knights (Novice > Expert Rank)
+ Notable Sights +
City - Note: Cafe, Shops, Game Stores are all located here.
Location: All Districts
> All distracts have a city within them big or small. They hold many shops for purchase of gear or even going to places to relax with others and enjoy a good time.
Neighborhood - Note: Player's live within one.
Location: All Districts
> A neighborhood can be found in every distract big or small it does not truly matter. But usually players are found here with their families or by themselves depending on the age. One is able to stay to themselves while they are within the neighborhood but should be careful cause people like to talk about certain things.
Pendragon Mansion - Note: Avalon Real World Headquarters
Location: Shibuya
> This mansion is owned by a wealthy family from Europe that wanted to expand their powers in helping keeping the real world safe but also help the digimon with keep their world safe. Now Digi-knights of the Avalon can stay here if they choose to but  that is the choice of them.
Agent Temple - Note: Agent Real World Headquarters
Location: Minato
> The temple is shared by priests for the Agents to use has a headquarters within the real world to help those with a D-Girish. It also holds a lab for the Agents where they help with creating new technology or even skills to teach digimon and Digi-knights.
Tokyo Metro. Government Building. - Note: Pandora's Headquarters.
Location: Shinjuku
> The building is owned by the Pandora organization that was created by the government. They have access to traveling to the digital world from what has been told but they cannot seem to keep a gate open long enough for one to travel to.
Country Side - Note: A calm place away from the big city, some digimon come here to relax.
Location: Kita Distract
> THe country side of Kita distract, it allows players and digimon alike to come and relax even to be able to find the legendary digimon trainer, Silphymon at their Force Gym.
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Real World (Tokyo,Japan)
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