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Coming Soon...a digital adventure for everyone of all ages that allows not just any one to join and fight for the world or fight against it.
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 Digital World (File Island)

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- Digital World (File Island) -
Digital World (File Island) The-DigiWorld-Starting_zpsouj8zzix
> The digital world is made of many areas however they seemed to be blocked by something not allowing any form of travel to even more forward in. Seems a dark power is holding back players from traveling further out into the digital world so they cannot even spread and take over certain continents to help their cause.
+ Basic Data +
x. Players arrive at File City.
+ Resting & Shops Lounge +
+. Equipment & Item Shop: [CLICK ME!]
+. Disk Shop: [CLICK ME!]
+. Program Shop: [CLICK ME!]

+ Distances to other Wards. +
New location = 200 Words
+ Hazards +
+ Wild Digimon (Rookies to Ultimate Levels)
+ Players (Novice > Expert Rank)
+ Notable Sights +
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaFile City - Note: All Players start here.
Location: Under Mt. Infinity
> The small city holds basic shops and allows players to restock on items and fix their gear. Digimon are usually found in this city and are very friendly as they work together to keep everyone safe from harm.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaNative Forest - Note: Usually Rookie (BUG) type digimon are in this area.
Location: South of File City.
> Not a big forest but one that allows others to take in nature of the digital world. Going west allows one to the Dragon Eye Lake and to the east is Coela Beach both seem to be territory of two champion level digimon.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaCoela Beach - Note: A wild Shellmon appears to attack anyone or anything.
Location: East of File City
> A beach with payphones on it but they don't take money and just repeat random messages. But its a nice place to relax be warned though a powerful digimon lives here and battles anyone that comes near the area.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaDragon Eye Lake - Note: A wild Seadramon appears to attack anyone or anything.
Location: Southweset of File City
> The dragon eye lake is beautiful during the full moon but its known that a large serpent digimon known as Seardramon lives here and uses it as a hunting ground for its food supply.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaDrill Tunnel - Note: It connects to a underground store, thats been sealed by a digimon of great power.
Location: Northwest of Dragon Eye Lake.
> Leads to a underground store that is used for special items however its been closed off because of the threat found in the digital world at the moment. After defeating it will the seal be broken but the location of the digimon is unknown.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaMt. Panorama - Note: A large open field actually...not really a mountain. (Varies) types of digimon.
Location: Northwest of Drill Tunnel
> A large field that's open land and seems to have some wild digimon that like battles but will not truly cause any harm to anyone really.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaFactorial Town - Note: A machine town that is guarded by a Ultimate level digimon.
Location: North of Mt. Panorama
> This city is a large factory that continues to build and take thing apart just to rebuild it again. The guard of this town is known as Andromon. Battling him would mean certain defeat as his powers are both pushed to the highest level.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaToy Land - Note: A wild Monzumon guards this town with its toys.
Location: Northeast of Factorial Town
> Toys that were left behind by children, come to live out a their life with playing with other children. They are also guarded by a digimon called Monzumon.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaIce Sanctuary - Note: A strange structure that is guarded by a Digimon of Ice.
Location: Northeast of File City & East of Toy Land.
> No information is known about this building but a powerful Ice digimon guards the building from anyone wanting in.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaFreezeland - Note: A land of nothing but Ice.
Location: Northeast of Ice Sanctuary.
> Land that is frozen over with ice and seems to be hard for anyone to live there but not for certain types of digimon that love the ice.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaGreat Canyon - Note: A lab seems to be found here, but only those with the passcode can enter.
Location: East of Freezeland
> A desert field canyon with nothing but heat and dust. But when reaches a strange building they are able to enter a passcode to enter it however they must be part of a certain faction in order to get the code.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaGrey Lord Mansion - Note: Dark based digimon exist in this area.
Location: South of Freezeland and West of Great Canyon.
> The dark and spooky area that seems to have nothing but ghost type digimon that like to scare those that come through or take in the lost turning them into servants of the darkness.
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaTropical Jungle - Note: A wild digimon known as Leomon lives here
Location: Easy Grey Lord Mansion South of Great Canyon
Digital World (File Island) Unknown-or-No-Image_zpsbwlrvbwaMt. Infinity - Note: A powerful digimon lives here.
Location: North of File City.
> Unknown some say a dark digimon lives at the top and is the one causing destruction to the digital world at the moment.
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Digital World (File Island)
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