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Welcome to Digimon TGR, if anything have a look around and read up on things to see if you want to join we ask that you take a look at the rules and review over our update section to see what is new.

Coming Soon...a digital adventure for everyone of all ages that allows not just any one to join and fight for the world or fight against it.
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 00 - TGR: Digital Gameplay

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PostSubject: 00 - TGR: Digital Gameplay   Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:58 pm

< + Gameplay of Digimon - The Great Revival + >
+ Welcome to the world of Digmon - The Great Revival this is a MMORPG site that is ran and watched by many. It is kept up to date and continues to be updated with new content. Please be sure to read over the rules, thank you and again have fun.

< Rules >
1. No Cheating, [Posting RPs from other sites, lying about updates, etc.]
2. No Power-gaming [Doing things that character cannot according to the bio.]
3. Loop-Hole will be fixed as they are found, gains from such will not be kept. They will be balanced with new ruling.
4. Post some type of indication that an update is done to prevent re-posting
5. Make sure to always post Old Bio with New Bio for changes.

< Staff Rules >
6. Do not update yourself no matter what, this includes even small ones.
7. Warn members in Discord before disciplinary action is taken.

< Twin Rule >
- Twin Type Digimon - Members that start with a "Twin" type digimon forfeit the bonus from their Digital Egg (Digi-Tama). They also must split the 18 points for the beginning digimon between the two giving them a lot weaker start.
- Member's with a "Twin" type Digimon will be marked with TT on their bios and profiles.

< Misc Rule >
- x2 Difference: A Digimon's highest base attribute cannot be x2 of their lowest attribute. (IE. Agumon's PWR cannot be 100 if SPD is 50.)
- 48Hr Rule - If a Person enters into the RP and does not post in that rp w/o a pre-explained excuse. Then the other members of that RP or manager can control the character for its turn. [This excludes battles.]
- All RPs must be kept PG-13: No adult content, its not on the anime nor is it here.
- Site Specific RP's Only: You cannot use RP's for training that have already be used for another site no matter what. This will break rule number 1.

< Starting Steps >
1. Read over the Digital Gamplay Rules
2. Create a Bio for Player & Digimon(s)
3. Begin RPing in starting location)
4. Any Questions go to the Digital Tavern (Ooc Board)

+ Note: Starting out is different for everyone depending on the way everyone plays. A person can play the Hero or Anti Hero or even the Villain. Ie. Digital Knights are favored for the heroism while Digital Hackers are disliked because of their hacking skills and classed as cheaters.

< Forbidden/Banned Digimon >
+ This list types or digimon by name to which cannot be obtained through any means until further notice.


- Mirei Mikagura
> This world is vast in many ways, I will be your guide for helping you through those hard times when it comes down to it. So please do not be afraid to read over some of my notes. Oh my name is Mirei Mikagura by the way thank you for asking. *winks*

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PostSubject: Re: 00 - TGR: Digital Gameplay   Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:16 pm

< + What is "___"?! + >
+ There are many things that are going to be asked as to what is something and how does it play a part on the site. So this guide is going to be breaking down a large amount of things. It does not all have to be read at once but at least you can come back to it and review over it.

< What is a Digimon? >

> If new to the series, then Digital Monsters or Digimon for short are known to be mysterious lifeforms that came into discovery around the 1990's. They come from the parallel universe known as the Digital World or Digiworld. They are varies species and types of digimon. Now they evolve a lot faster so every year there is a new species of digimon that appear. So be ready for anything interesting.

< How do I obtain a Digimon? >
> There are many different ways to obtaining a Digimon, on Digimon TGR one applies for a Digi-Citizenship (Character Creation). Upon reviewing over and approval of the Member's Information this will allow a player to obtain a Digital Girish or D-Girish from the game. The Digivice helps not only the Player but the Digimon in battles and surviving in the real and digital world. After which the Player then chooses 1 of 9 Digi-Eggs to hatch their partner and begin their Digi-Life

< Huh?! What is a D-Girish? >
> A Digital Girish or D-Girish is the new form of digivices that are used in the digital world and real world. Allowing one to obtain higher forms for their digimon or even obtain abilities that can be used in the digital world like fishing.

> The D-Girish is broken up into 3 parts when it comes down to fixing and repairing it.
1. So-Ware - Is the programs and other operating information used by a D-Girish.
Ie. D-3 Functions or D-Ark Functions

2. App-Ware - Is the use permit the user to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities
Ie. Digital Compass

3. Pro-Ware - Is the set of instructions telling the D-Girish what to do.
Ie. Jorgress [Ultimate] - DNA Digivolve Ultimate Form.

< Where can I start? >
>Start in the Digital World in the first city, Asura City which is govern by the ERA Admins. This small city takes the look of an old kingdom but allows you to obtain items, gear and tips on how to grow and become stronger. Have a look around before exploring everywhere.

< What is there to do? >
> One can take up several types of things to do in the different world.

- Role-Play: Grow the character's story.

- Training: Train your digimon partners to grow stronger.

- Bounty: Some Players (NPC) are targets for battles or even certain Digimon.

- Missions: Take up a Mission with Partner Digimon or even Friends to battle or complete a task.

- Requests: Digimon/NPC ask for certain things bring it to them for a reward.

- Digital Time Rifts: [DTR] Take up one and be thrown into a different time frame.

- Events: These are found in certain areas of the real or digital world. Complete their task and obtain a great reward.

- Story-line Event: These are events that move the story but require anyone to have fun and go with.

< What is the currency? >
> We use two types of currency Yen and Bits. Yen is used in the real world in order to obtain purchases that cannot be gained in the digital world. While Bits is used in the digital world in order to obtain purchases that cannot be gained in the real world. There is a converter that allows Yen to be turned into Bits and visa versa.
+ Conversion System: Every 1 Bit = 10 Yen | Every 10 Yen = 1 Bit

- Mirei Mikagura
> There exist so many more questions in the world. Do not be afraid to ask them or even bring them to light. For understanding takes more than just one question to be asked.

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PostSubject: Re: 00 - TGR: Digital Gameplay   Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:24 pm

< + Digital Monster 101 + >
+ Digimon are created by several different things and the best way to start the lesson is to know digital monsters are made of various things. So let the lesson begin...

+ Digi-Core +
> This is the Digital Information of a digimon. If its becomes destroyed or damaged the Digimon is deleted unable to return. Its VERY hard to locate in the area.

+ Attributes +
- This helps break down the characteristic of that said digimon. However they may sometimes not even follow them as digimon have their own free will.
Digimon Attributes:

+ Nature +
- This helps break down what the digimon likes to be around or use in battles this helps in making attacks or fighting other targets show their weakness or strengths for later battles.
Digital Nature:

+ Emblem(s) aka Data-Line +
- This helps a digimon and their partner know what evolution tree the digimon can follow. When a digimon becomes is born they obtain only 1 of their Digital Emblem. To unlock a second or more it requires a completion of a quest and training.

Digital Emblems:

+ Errors (Status Effects) +
- These Status Effects or Errors as they are called in the digital world cause digimon to do strange things though how are they triggered is usually based upon one's wisdom. If the digimon performing the attack has at least x2 of the wisdom for the digimon to catch the error unless stated otherwise.

Digital Battle Effects:

< + Digivolution 101 + >

+ Welcome want to know what your digimon will digivolution in to during time of need. Well you have come to the right place. Now before we get started their are several types of digivolutions that are on TGR and can be obtain in later dates so let's get started.

+ The digimon can only branch off from one form and once selected that form because their main path. Prime example would be a Veemon digivolving into a Veedramon instead of ExVeemon. So now when it digivolves to its champion it can only become Veedramon not ExVeemon until next the life.

< Digivolution (Digital Evolution) >
+ This allows a digimon to go to the next stage when having the right requirements. No matter what the only way a digimon reverts back into a Baby or In-Training II is if they have passed and been reborn. When the digimon, runs out of SP, they revert back into their Rookie stage no matter what, even at the end of a battle they will return back to a Rookie stage.
x Requirement: Hitting required level.

- Champion: Unlocks at Level 15 for the Rookie and requires "X" Words to learn this skill. It depends on the Champion's form for which it digivolves into. Their base attributes will gain a small bonus of 25% (x1.25)

- Ultimate: Unlocks at Level 30 for the Champion and requires "x" Words to learn this skill. It depends on the Ultimate's form for which it digivolves into. Their base attributes will gain a small bonus of 50% (x1.50)

- Mega: Unlocks at Level 45 for the Ultimate and requires "X" words to learn this skill. It depends on the Mega's form for which it digivolves into. Their base attributes will gain a large bonus of 75% (x1.75)

- Ultra: Unlocks at Level 60 for Mega and requires "X" words to learn this skill. It depends on the Ultra's form and requirements for which it digivolves into. Their base attributes will gain a larger bonus of 100% (x2)

- Omni-Ultra: Unlocks after completing certain and harsh requirements that take longer than a day to complete. The form is to the level that places it at almost godly their base attributes will gain a larger bonus of 125% (x2.25) but the form will be permanent on that digimon.

< Warp Digivolution (Warp Digital Evolution) >
+ Digimon can unlock this skill to which they are able to skip their Champion and Ultimate form and go straight into their Mega stages if they have unlocked all three requirements. Some can obtain this but takes time as they skip. But it makes it easier to reach the Mega stage.
x Requirement: Warp Program

< DNA Digivolution (DNA Digital Evolution) >
+ Two digimon can fuse together becoming one powerful digimon that minum requirement is at least both Digimon being Champion. When the Fusion happens they are pumped up to the next stage. So example, Exveemon (Champion) + Stingmon (Champion) = Paildramon (Ultimate).
x Requirement: Must have Jogress Pro-Ware Unlocked+ Next Digivolving level Unlocked.
x Note: Both Digimon fuse however only one is chosen to be base attributes. < Based upon updated Stage.
x Note: New Form learns 6 Skills from each fusee.

< Mode Change >
+ Some digimon evolution have a "Mode Change" From when they change from one form into another. When this happens the attributes gain a bigger increase than normal.
x Note: Mode Change: 2 Attributes +50% (x1.50)

< Dark Digivolution (Dark Digital Evolution) >
+ This happens when a Digimon has a forced evolution to happen on their partner or some form of influence takes over. When this happens they can the Stage Bonus for when they digivolve. However their element is changed to "Dark" and Type: "Virus." But this is a double edge sword for the more power their is a big drawback.
x Requirement: M.o.E Chip: NegaEmo or Black D-Girish (Unlocked)
x Note: Skill DMG x2 | Skill Point Cost x2 (Includes form)


- Mirei Mikagura
> No matter where one goes, it seems battles will always break out either within the digital world or the real world. Its always best to be ready for the outbreak as the world says, "The strongest survive."

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PostSubject: Re: 00 - TGR: Digital Gameplay   Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:34 pm

< Combat and Survival >
+ In battles Digimon fight against one another with the help of either their natural born skills or with the help of their partner. Battles hold many rewards if one is able to win and defeat their enemies. Using the system SEGA, it helps with making battles more entertaining and easy to follow.

< What do the Attributes, Stats or anything mean for combat? >


+ S.E.G.A +
+ SEGA is a turn based system that allows players to have 1 Action. This gives them the choices of using. Support, Escape, Guard or Attack. This can change depending on some items or even equipment worn.
- Player A uses Support Action: Using a Chip to heal their digimon (Ends Turn)
- Player B's Turn Begins

< Support <
- This allows Players to use items within their inventory to help their partner(s) out.
- Cost: 1 Turn Unless stated otherwise

< Escape <
- If a Player's Digimon has double the speed of their target they are able to escape from battle but if it fails that ends the turn.
- Cost: 1 Turn (If Successful or Not)
- To Escape: Must have 15% more SPD then target or Use of Item [Escape Floppy]

< Guard <
- When guarding a Digimon Defense increases by 25% allowing them to take a hit but at least giving them a chance to save HP. It ends at the start of the Turn.
- Cost: 1 Turn

< Attack <
- When the Digimon performs a Melee or Skill Move of any kind this allows the Digimon to deal damage but it will End the turn afterwards.
- Cost: 1 Turn Unless stated otherwise


+ Turn Based +
+ After a move has been performed it is now the other player or enemies turn to move after starting. First Move is the Enemy/Player with the highest speed. Additional moves are obtained based upon the base speed of each Digimon or Player in battle.

+ Damage Formula +
- Melee Damage = 1/2 Power
- Skill Damage = Base + Power/Wisdom

+ Increasing & Decreasing Damage +
> 2 Strength = (Total) x3
> 1 Strength = (Total) x2
> 1 Strength + 1 Weakness = (Total) x1.5
> 1 Weakness = (Total) x0.50
> 2 Weakness = (Total) x0.75

+ Evading & Extra Action +
> SPD x2 of Enemy's Attack
> SPD x2 of Enemy's SPD (Start of Turn) Earns extra action in turn.

+ Rewards +
- Winners - Turns x 100 = EXP | Turns x 50 = Yen Earned (Every 10 Yen = 1 Bit)
- Losing - Turns x 50 = EXP | Turns x 25 = Yen Earned (Every 10 Yen = 1 Bit)

- Mirei Mikagura
> Better learn everything as best as possible cause in the end someone could know more and overpower you. Battle hard and train harder as though you have someone waiting for you at the end.

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00 - TGR: Digital Gameplay
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