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 03 Episode 3 - The Introduction

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+ - Episode 3 – The Introduction  - +

- The town was starting to fill rather quickly with bodies as people were trading information and showing off the creatures known as Digimon. But you stayed confused even after being told what you should do. So much information to take in and you have to hurry cause if you do not you will get left behind. But before you can even do anything your digivice starts to beep and flash random colors and its not until the File City suddenly goes quiet.

- Digital World: File Island – File City -
The large crowds of people and their digimon turn to look into the sky as a strange machine hovers above the sky and a figure comes walking from it. Tapping softly on a mic for everyone to hear the deep breath being taken in and soon it came a excited and pumped voice.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Era_fo10> ERA Founder: Ethan Avalon
- - -"Good Morning everyone, As you may know my name is Ethan Avalon, the founder of ERA and host of Digimon Revival! As you all hoped for many years the return of this glorious world. I promise you this is no dream. Welcome back to the Digital World and for out fir..." The ship would begin to shack causing everyone to panic as even Ethan would hold tightly trying not to fall but soon a dark wave of energy would come from the ground turning the sky black as night. Then a shadow like creature would rise from it but shrouded in darkness.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Event_10> ? ? ? ?
- - - ”Welcome back humans, it seems you have all returned. I hoped you would as some of you may not know this world belongs to me and my minions now shall we start things off. How about a game of who can live the longest!" With a wave of their hand strange gears of black would begin to fly from the ground launching all over the sky. After a malevolent laughter was heard as the dark winds would vanish taking the figure with it.

- Digital World: File Island – File City -
Everyone stared confused for a moment but turned to each other as their face grew with excitement they believed an event had started for the release of Digimon Revival. Cheering was heard and everyone roared ready to get start as the flying ship started to regain control Ethan Avalon began to speak once more but a bit worry hidden behind his speech.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Era_fo10> ERA Founder: Ethan Avalon
- - - "Oh, well now it seems the first event has already launched! I wish you all good luck and become strong for the tournaments to come! Until next time everyone!" Ethan Avalon would turn around with the mic turning off reporting back to the real world. "Takeshi...did you launch the event trying to killing me!"

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Lead_p10> ERA Programmer: Takeshi Abe
- - - "Wah? Sir we've been trying to contact you to start the event we detected static and lost communications with you and the ship!"

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Era_fo10> ERA Founder: Ethan Avalon
- - - Hearing the report Ethan, decided to have the ship return back to its landing post having dock so he could return to the real world. As he continued to think about it the only words he could mutter to himself were "It couldn't be...The Umbra Crisis.."

- Digital World: File Island Outskirts of File City -
The players had already left to start their adventure but something was strange as the burst of wind came from the city. Some would ignore it and others would see strange gears flying through the air. Leaving some confused, others excited, and some filled with worry.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Isamu_10> Digi - Hacker: with White strip
- - - The digivice would start to beep as the white stripped male would check it for emails. "Oh hey, they say Ethan Avalon appeared at the city and announced the first event for the game. Someone got a picture of it but its covered up by the dust storm. Let's have ourselves a lookie here!"03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Event_10One look at the image and the boy froze with fear.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Ichiro10
> Digi - Hacker: with Violet strip
- - - ”Yo, you okay what's with the picture." Soon the other male walked over to look at and froze and turned to yell at the other male."HEY GET OVER QUICK!"

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Rival_10
> Digi - Tamer: ? ? ?
- - - A digimon would fall to the ground vanishing as the rookie digimon would be walking next to the man. "What is wrong with you guys?" After asking the question he looked at the picture with his eyes widening he could only say, "How..."

- Digital World: File Island Outskirts of File City -
After the black wind had came it left only a few would stare into the sky as it returned to normal but see the flying gears and only fear came across them.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Suza_u10> Digi - Tamer: Suza Uto
- - - Gripping tightly only to her brother's arm she could only shiver in fear and not say a word after seeing the black gear.

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Huro_u10> Digi - Tamer: Huro Uto
- - - Staring back at the sky he turned to hold his sister tightly whispering to her,"I promise I won't let them harm you again..."

03 Episode 3 - The Introduction Takesh10> Digi - Breeder: Takeshi Watanabe
- - - "Well damn...it seems we cannot escape it after all. Huro, Suza i know its to much to ask but we have to face this again it seems...or else we'll have another Umbra Crisis again." The man took a step forward only to have a champion level digimon come from behind him helping both Huro and Suza aboard as they leave their area.

- Digital World: File Island – File City -
The now that the "event" has started everyone quickly grabs their supplies and heads out to start their training and become stronger and complete the first event.

- - - To Be Continued >
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03 Episode 3 - The Introduction
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