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 02. Episode 2 - What Now?!

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PostSubject: 02. Episode 2 - What Now?!   02. Episode 2 - What Now?! EmptySun May 20, 2018 5:16 am

+ - Episode 2 – What Now?!  - +

- The blinding white light suddenly flashes before you as you seem to be dragged downward, forward, side to side only to land on your back making a loud thud noise. Sitting up as you continue rubbing your head you see groups of people talking and walking around. Then strange creatures as well, could this be what Digimon are. The shock of them seem to catch you off guard as its your first time seeing them. Soon you turn to hear voices yelling out to you.

- Digital World: File Island – File City -
Large crowds of people and digimon surround the streets with cheers and joy as people are trading contact information and items to one another as they get ready for the adventure outside of File City. Now before standing a few figures appear before you to introduce themselves.

02. Episode 2 - What Now?! Huro_u10> Digi-Tamer: Huro Uto
- - - As everyone was talking a teen male with orange hair stood at least 5’10 before the character. Turning to brush their hair from in front of their eyes. ”Oh hi there, nice to meet you must be new to the game huh. Fun that’s the spirit joining the VR Revolution! Yeaaah! Yeeaah! Oh how rude of me, the names Huro Uto I’m a Digmon Tamer” Soon yelling was heard as a young blonde would walk over hitting the male in the back. Her height seemed to be 5’2.

02. Episode 2 - What Now?! Suza_u10> Digi-Tamer: Suza Uto
- - - ”Hey bone head! Did you listen to anything I said at all?!” The female would pause only to give a slight pout expression before sighing and bowing in front of you as a way to excuse her and her friend. ” Please forgive me, I did not mean to come between but I came for my idiot brother." She paused for a moment scanning you up and down before pointing shocked. ”Oh wow you’re new to the game, I see my brother was picking on a defenseless newbie!" Soon she began punching him in the kidney only with echos of cries in pain could be heard though another appeared.

02. Episode 2 - What Now?! Takesh10> Digi-Breeder: Takeshi Watanabe
- - - Walking over to the group a tall slender blonde male standing 6’2 with a cowboy’s hat on and smiled spoke softly to everyone. ”Well now, you all seem like a lively bunch, I might have to friend you sometime. Name’s Takeshi Watanabe just before we introduce ourselves, I notice the little lady was beating on the guy that was helping you.” The slender male turns to look at the new player before nodding. ”Well first things first this world is called the Digital World and creatures all shapes and sizes are called Digimon. We come here to obtain pride and glory or just relax in some fashion on here. Rather you are here to be the best or wanting to compete in the challenges is mainly up to you. Though I noticed you don’t have a Digi Class or Digital Class. Well you’ll need one in order to choose a partner Digimon.

- - - Takeshi pointed over to a buildings that read “Player’s Area.”Head over there and register for your Digi Class and Digi Citizenship. After which the Digitama Ranch should be down the street, they’ll help you select the right partner for you. I’ll give ya run down real quick I’m a Digi-Breeder so I raise, watch, and help digimon and tamers alike. These two behind me are Digi-Tamers, they basically go and train digimon to make a powerful team. There’s also a Digi-Knight they raise powerful teams but they do it for the glory of fighting against evil doers. Finally the weak class is the Digi-Hackers, nobody truly chooses that class because of its status around here, but the folks aren’t bad when you get to know em. Well that’s all for now hope to see you around sometime.” Takeshi soon left as the other two followed soon after.

- Digital World: File Island – File City -
Standing in the corner three figures watched the group break up leaving them to smile. One stepped forward from the shadows. As the other two stood beside them.

02. Episode 2 - What Now?! Rival_10> Digi-Tamer | Digi- Hacker x2: ? | ? ?
- - - ”Seems the game has allowed some weak prey to come about…no matter to me, you two ready?” The tall male turns to the two figures as they nodded walking away with him.

02. Episode 2 - What Now?! Isamu_1002. Episode 2 - What Now?! Ichiro10
- - - To Be Continued >
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02. Episode 2 - What Now?!
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