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 01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived

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+ - Episode 1 - The Game Revived  - +

- Its been 7 years since the Umbra Crisis ended. Humans continue living peacefully without worries. The days seemed to be filled with surprises as the televisions would click over to breaking news of something amazing for those that have waited years for a grand return.

- Video Game Stores -
Large crowds gather outside video store doors waiting for them to open, as though they were hungry lions waiting for the zookeeper to feed them their meals. Soon a news caster would come in front of the camera addressing everyone sitting at home watching.

01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived Report10> News Reporter: Sarah Star
- - - Good evening everyone watching, this is Sarah Star with Channel 4 News. We are gathered outside today by one of many gaming stores that are supporting the new release of the famous digimon game that was created by New Dawn years ago. The news of this highly wanted game coming back to the public was started because of ERA a gaming company that decided to give the people what they want. She soon turns as the gaming doors soon open slowly with everyone yelling in excitement. The owner comes out and begin passing out Digimon Revival the new game introduced by ERA."The doors have just opened at they are giving the Digimon game out to the public as we speak. Everyone that has obtained the game has ran off to start their quest it seems. Excuse me...its my turn now!" Dropping the mic Sarah Star runs off to get her copy as well.

- ERA Main Headquarters -
A large building that stands 117 stories tall over looking the city. Is the home of ERA the gaming company that took over New Dawn to release its old product known as Digimon. The company is known for having mess with advance VR Tech. With the games release they plan on being on top for a while.

01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived Era_fo10> ERA Founder: Ethan Avalon
- - - From an office that sits high above the city a man turns the television off and begins to walk over towards the window staring down at the city. "Soon the world will begin the gaming career of a life time. Its hard to believe so many would return to that "world." after what happen...oh well is everything set up Takeshi?" The silver hair male would turn around to see a taller slender male with long black hair wearing glasses and a lab coat.[/b]

01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived Lead_p10> ERA Programmer: Takeshi Abe
- - - Taking a light bow the tall male would stand tall pushing his glasses back smiling to answer his boss. "Yes sir, the servers are all running once everyone logs into the game the world should be accessible like we theorized. Im getting ready to return to the lab as well to double check everything also. I shall return if anything urgent comes up." He bowed before leaving the office. But from the darkness a figure appeared to whisper to Ethan.

01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived Plot_e10> Unknown Figure
- - - Hovering as a black mist would cover its feet the figure whispering over to the founder of ERA. "You humans are rather interesting creatures...but do not forget you could not obtain this knowledge without me. I shall be watching everything unfold until the time i need to step in." Vanishing in the darkness it would leave Ethan smiling and walking away from the window saying in the dark room. "Let Act 1 begin..."

- Your Home -
- Running towards your room you pass everyone in the house to sit down taking out the VR equipment getting it all hooked and in place. The VR starts to warm up, you smile laying down and starting up the program. It begins to load and soon you teleport to a whole new world.

< - Digimon Revival: Welcome!!

01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived Digimo10> Mirei Mikagura
- - - A female is seen smiling pushing her glasses up while holding a white clipboard in hand. Her short lavender hair seemed like silk, it would come to her shoulders as she would smile greeting the person before her. "Welcome, my name is Mirei Mikagura I shall be your guide on this adventure as you go through this wonderful world. Please take up your digivice known as a D-Girish it will help you at times you never thought possible but it also will help you at times with your partner. Now choose a great partner and be ready to save our world."

- - - To Be Continued >
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01. Episode 1 - The Game Revived
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