Digimon The Great Revival
Welcome to Digimon TGR, if anything have a look around and read up on things to see if you want to join we ask that you take a look at the rules and review over our update section to see what is new.

Coming Soon...a digital adventure for everyone of all ages that allows not just any one to join and fight for the world or fight against it.
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 00. Prologue

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+ - Prologue - +
+ The year is 2024, the world has advanced in technology greatly to where most do not fear one another. Time passed on game industries as they started to take advance of the growth of virtual games. Several years ago the gaming company known as New Dawn introduced a virtual world game called, Digimon. Everyone was able to gain partners allowing them to be train and do battle with one another. It seemed peaceful until the Umbra Crisis happened, a virus infected the virtual world and threaten to destroy the real and digital world. The creators of Digimon selected a handful of players to battle the virus and save the worlds from the threat with a large cost. The players lost their partners to save the worlds from destruction. After the lost of many lives New Dawn stopped the server and production on the game having many players upset about this but felt it was necessary for it to happen.

+ But now, a new company has appeared calling themselves, ERA. They have released a new virtual world game and its said to be the better than before calling it, Digimon Revival! Never know maybe this time we can actually play a peaceful game and beat the game.
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00. Prologue
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