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 Pandora Headquarters - The Rise of a black knight.

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PostSubject: Pandora Headquarters - The Rise of a black knight.   Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:40 pm

- The dark cloudy skies would continue to roll over as Ethend would take his time arriving that the location he was given to by one of his contacts. ”Now listen when you join, look for me and I’ll help you obtain the powers you need to take over the organization or even more so the digital world.” Having a set flash back he shook his head taking a step to the door were two gentlemen with black suits stopped him until he showed him the ID code allowing him to pass. There he was seen by a gorgeous thin female who’s hair reached down to her waist and was black as the darkness that covered the night sky. Though it turns out it was an image of the female whos the leader of this love organization. Soon turning to see on a table were a strange device and egg. With a note from the lovely lady.

Reading it outloud to himself, “This is the marking of a wonderful times with you joining us. Please take this D-Girish and Digitama.” Ethend placed the note down and picked up the egg as it began to shake cracking across reveling a strange creature that was black with red eyes. “Oh..okay…” Soon the creature spoke with a shrouded voice as though it was hiding, “My..name is…Nddmon.”
Word Count: 223
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Pandora Headquarters - The Rise of a black knight.
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