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 Agent's HQ - Awakening of the partner.

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Alaster Pro

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PostSubject: Agent's HQ - Awakening of the partner.   Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:20 pm

Laying down on the bench at the outside of the Agent’s headquarters it seemed like a regular boring day until having someone decided it be best to push Alaster from the bench and make fun of him. “Now now Alaster is that anyway to spend the day?” Shaking his head he looked to noticed a male figure placed his arms over one another staring down at the grounded Alaster. “Yeah…sure as you were the one to push me!” Standing up as he dusted himself off Alaster was now eye level with his twin brother Egisens. “Are you ready?” Said his brother as Alaster nodded as they both walked over to the tower that was home to the Agents. Upon entering both would be smiling from end to end on their faces with one high ranking Agent turning to notice shaking his head, “Shape up you two this is a matter of seriousness. You both will obtain these objects on the desk behind me…after which you will be known as Digi-Knights of the Agents.”

Egisens shaped up taking a step forward and picked up his items as Alaster followed behind but as he reach to get the digitama it cracked and exploded into eggshells as the digimon appeared with a scale like body, with green and yellow for its eye color. But the baby form just jumped around before saying to Alaster, “HI IM YOUR PARTNER!!! You can call me…Outcumon!”
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Alaster Pro

Posts : 6
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PostSubject: Re: Agent's HQ - Awakening of the partner.   Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:34 pm

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Agent's HQ - Awakening of the partner.
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