Digimon The Great Revival
Welcome to Digimon TGR, if anything have a look around and read up on things to see if you want to join we ask that you take a look at the rules and review over our update section to see what is new.

Coming Soon...a digital adventure for everyone of all ages that allows not just any one to join and fight for the world or fight against it.
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 Welcome to TGR

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PostSubject: Welcome to TGR   Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:01 am

< Introduction of TGR >
Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the world of Digimon TGR. This is an MMORPG site that is ran and watched over by several and kept up to date as much as possible with releases and upcoming information. Please be sure to read over this important message and its posts this will show you how the world of Digimon TGR works and how you can have fun and benefit greatly from it. I'm the host of the site and creator of it. The name is Grave and its a pleasure to meet you all, well time to begin the fun with the basics.

What is Digimon?

> If new to the series, then Digital Monsters or Digimon for short are known to be mysterious lifeforms that came into discovery around the 1990's. They come from the parallel universe known as the Digital World or Digiworld. They are varies species and types of digimon. Now they evolve a lot faster so every year there is a new species of digimon that appears. So be ready for anything interesting.

How do I obtain a Digimon?
> There are many different ways to obtaining a digimon, on Digimon TGR one applies for a DigiKnight License (Character Creation). Upon reviewing over and approval of the Member's Information this will allow a player to obtain a Digital Girish or D-Girish from their Faction they join. The Digivice helps not only the Knight but the Digimon in battles and surviving in the real and digital world. After which the Member then chooses 1 of 9 Digi-Eggs or 1 Custom Digi-Egg to hatch their partner and begin their Digimon Journey.

What are these Digivice, Digi-Egg, Digi Knight?
> A Digivice was used in order to be a "Holy" item for some allowing Digimon and their partners to achieve higher forms for the Digimon, this was called Digivolution or other tasks like a radar or data storage. Now the D-Girish is a model of a Digivice but its given to those wanting to protect the digital world with their own way of doing so. It also allows features to be upgraded within the most it has the better it suits the DigiKnight. It also can be downgraded and customized with different color schemes.

> Digi-Eggs are what digimon are born from as they are born they grow from their lowest stage to the highest peak of perfection. There are two types of Digi-Eggs in the TGR Digital World. The first being just (Norm) Digi-Eggs which hatch into Digimon baby stage. The second are known as (Armor) Digi-Eggs which do not hatch but allow one to take on a different form based upon an unique trait found on them.

> Digi-Knights are humans chosen by the Knighthood, Agents or Pandora Factions, they are schooled at the ages of 4 to 18 and apply for their licenses at the ages of 18 or higher. Children are known to get their licenses after passing the three question test. Adults obtain their license differently as they must answer a six question test given to them by the leaders of the Factions. These are what the past call either Digidestined or Digimon Tamers.

Okay, now Where can I start?
> You can start in either Digital World or Human World (Japan) The factions have bases in certain location rather the real world or digital world. Certain players can travel to and from the digital world if the Digi-Knight has obtain that ability or said program.

What is there to do?
> While within the Factions, one completes daily missions that are needed to be completed around the real and digital world. Upon joining there are evil digimon that come and wish to destroy the worlds. It's up to a Digi-Knight to make sure this does not come to pass however one should be aware DigiKnights can still fall to the darkness as well and turn in to something far worse.

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to TGR   Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:32 am

< Basic Information of Digimon >
> Digimon come in three different types vaccine, data, and virus. Each one defeats one another, Vaccine defeats Virus, Virus defeats Data and Data defeats Vaccine.

Digimon are also born with certain elemental types Fire, Water, Plant, Earth, Thunder, and Wind. Below within the spoilers show each weakness and strength of the Digimon.

Digimon Types:

Digital Elements:


Digital Battle Effects:

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to TGR   Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:01 am

< Digi-Chips System >
+ Within the TGR Digi-Knights are allowed to use "Digi-Chips" in order to counter or improve certain areas. Digi-Chips have several types Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, and M.o.E Chips. Each one has certain effects and can only be used when the Digi-Knights D-Girish has the upgrade. The powerful the chip will determine the space one can carry onto them.

+ Kilo Chip +
- This is a novice Standard disk are usually color coded White. They allow basic upgrades to using equipment or boosting one's attributes to a certain level.
Unlock for purchase: Level 1
Chip Holster Cost: -1
+ Mega Chip +
- This is a adept level Mega Chip are usually color coded Blue.
They allow the use of digimon attacks from other digimon to be used with a partner to cause heavy damage. If strong enough.
Unlock for purchase: Level 15 + Installed Mega Reader
Chip Holster Cost: -3
+ Giga Chip +
- This expert chips Giga chips color coded Green. They allow a partner to change or rearrange the attributes, type or element of a digimon during a battle but it can also cause some issues if the digimon cannot handle it.
Unlock for purchase: Level 30 + Installed Data Changer
Chip Holster Cost: -6
+ Tera Chip +
- This is a secret chip Tera Chip are usually color coded Gold and Black. Powerful chips that unlock legendary attacks that used by the strongest digimon. They also allow a forced evolution if need but it will vanish its based upon the chip though.
Unlock for purchase: Level 45
Chip Holster Cost: -10
+ Peta Chip +
- This is a secret chip  Peta Chip are usually color coded Gold and White. Powerful chips that unlock legendary equipment or holy power ups that cannot be obtain by normal means.
Unlock for purchase: Level 60
Chip Holster Cost: -10
+ M.o.E Chip +
- This is a mysterious chips that vibrate when held in ones hand. It feels to be calling out to something. When used a digimon's attribute skyrocket for a short time. Though this comes to an issue as to what is being exchanged for it. M.o.E Chips are color coded Black and Violet.
Unlock for purchase: Must be found or rewarded.
Chip Holster Cost: -5
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to TGR   

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Welcome to TGR
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