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Welcome to Digimon TGR, if anything have a look around and read up on things to see if you want to join we ask that you take a look at the rules and review over our update section to see what is new.

Coming Soon...a digital adventure for everyone of all ages that allows not just any one to join and fight for the world or fight against it.
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 A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook

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PostSubject: A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook   Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:01 am

< Introduction of TGR >
Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the world of Digimon TGR. This is an MMORPG site that is ran and watched over by several and kept up to date as much as possible with releases and upcoming information. Please be sure to read over this important message and its posts this will show you how the world of Digimon TGR works and how you can have fun and benefit greatly from it.

What is Digimon?

> If new to the series, then Digital Monsters or Digimon for short are known to be mysterious lifeforms that came into discovery around the 1990's. They come from the parallel universe known as the Digital World or Digiworld. They are varies species and types of digimon. Now they evolve a lot faster so every year there is a new species of digimon that appear. So be ready for anything interesting.

How do I obtain a Digimon?
> There are many different ways to obtaining a Digimon, on Digimon TGR one applies for a Digi-Citizenship (Character Creation). Upon reviewing over and approval of the Member's Information this will allow a player to obtain a Digital Girish or D-Girish from the game. The Digivice helps not only the Player but the Digimon in battles and surviving in the real and digital world. After which the Player then chooses 1 of 9 Digi-Eggs to hatch their partner and begin their Digi-Life

What are these Digivice and Digi-Egg?
> A Digivice is used in order to be a life item for some allowing Digimon and their partners to achieve higher forms for the Digimon, this was called Digivolution or other tasks like a radar or data storage. Now the D-Girish is a model of a Digivice but its given to those as a sign of citizenship in the digital world. It also allows features to be upgraded within the most it has the better it suits the Player.

> Digi-Eggs are what digimon are born from as they are born they grow from their lowest stage to the highest peak of perfection. There are two types of Digi-Eggs in the TGR Digital World. The first being just (Norm) Digi-Eggs which hatch into Digimon baby stage. The second are known as (Armor) Digi-Eggs which do not hatch but allow one to take on a different form based upon an unique trait found on them.

Okay, now where can/do I start?
> You start in the Digital World in the first city, Asura City which is govern by the ERA Admins. This small city takes the look of an old kingdom but allows you to obtain items, gear and tips on how to grow and become stronger. Have a look around before exploring everywhere.

What is there to do?
> The digital world is vast as there are many things being added and taken away each day. As one starts in the starter city they can travel around to visit different parts of the city or explore outside the city. But its best to be ready for anything as encounter can happen anywhere.

How do I get Bit/Yen?
> Both the human and digital world have their own currency. They also have different ways of obtaining them. As those that work in the human world need money to survive. You can obtain money in the digital world by doing odd jobs or battling stronger digimon or even other players. Bit and Yen can be converted to help out in a pinch.
+ Converter: Every 10 Yen = 1 Bit | 1 Bit = 10 Yen

- Mirei Mikagura
> Welcome to the Digimon Revival game. This guide was developed by yours truly in order to help get you started on a wonderful adventure in cyberspace. I will be also around almost in all areas to help guide those that are lost giving wonderful tips as well. Good luck out there and stay safe out there.

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PostSubject: Re: A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook   Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:32 am

< Basic Information on Digimon >
> Digimon have several ways they are either related in some cases. When digimon evolve they have certain traits the come with or to them from the data they absorb around them. Below will explain the basic of how a digimon is and what makes a digimon a well digital monster.

+ Attributes +
- This helps break down the characteristic of that said digimon. However they may sometimes not even follow them as digimon have their own free will.

+ Nature +
- This helps break down what the digimon likes to be around or use in battles this helps in making attacks or fighting other targets show their weakness or strengths for later battles.

+ Emblems +
- This helps a digimon and their partner know what evolution tree the digimon can follow. When a digimon is born they are able to choose 1 Emblem at birth however upon hitting their rookie form they should have at least 2 after completing certain tasks. They cannot be removed sadly as this can cause corrupted data and cause the digimon to be deleted and not exist anymore.

+ Errors +
- These Status Effects or Errors as they are called in the digital world cause digimon to do strange things though how are they triggered is usually based upon one's wisdom. If the digimon performing the attack has at least x2 of the wisdom for the digimon to catch the error unless stated otherwise.

Digimon Attributes:

Digital Nature:

Digital Emblems:


Digital Battle Effects:

- Mirei Mikagura
> As you witness above there are many different things to understand about the digital monsters known as Digimon. From their types, to the evolution of them and even to their special effects they can dish out towards their enemies. As you grow so do your digimon but its always best to train them when you get the chance but never too hard.

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PostSubject: Re: A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook   Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:01 am

< Digi-Chips System >
+ Within the TGR players are allowed to use "Digi-Chips" in order to counter or improve certain areas. Digi-Chips have several types Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, and M.o.E Chips. Each one has certain effects and can only be used when the D-Girish has the correct upgrade. The powerful the chip will determine the space one can carry onto them. Some chips will vanish after use so its always best to know which ones to use.

+ Kilo Chip +
- This is a novice Standard disk are usually color coded White. They allow basic upgrades to using equipment, boosting one's attributes, or use some restore item.
x Unlock for purchase: Level 1
x Chip Holster Cost: -1
x Drawback: Vanishes after use
+ Mega Chip +
- This is adept level Mega Chip are usually color coded Blue. They allow the use of special skills that allows the Digimon to perform during Battle, Events or Quests.
x Unlock for purchase: Level 15 + Module "M.E.G.A Reader"
x Chip Holster Cost: -3
x Drawback: n/a
+ Giga Chip +
- This expert chip Giga chips color coded Green. They allow a partner to change the Attribute, Element or a Emblem but it can also cause some issues if the digimon cannot handle it.
x Unlock for purchase: Level 30 + Module "Giga Rewrite"
x Chip Holster Cost: -6
x Drawback: Vanishes after use
+ Tera Chip +
- This is secret chip Tera Chip are usually color coded Gold and Black. These chips allow a player to rewrite the data on the battlefield to effect players in battle. But it comes with a backlash if used, not many use these chips cause of the danger they have.
x Unlock for purchase: Level 45
x Chip Holster Cost: -10
x Drawback: Vanishes after use
+ Peta Chip +
- This is secret chip Peta Chip are usually color coded Gold and White. Powerful chips that unlock legendary attacks, equipment, or holy power ups that cannot be obtain by normal means.
x Unlock for purchase: Level 60
x Chip Holster Cost: -10
x Drawback: Some vanish based upon chip.
+ M.o.E Chip +
- This is a mysterious chips that vibrate when held in ones hand. It feels to be calling out to something. When used a digimon's attribute skyrocket for a short time. Though this comes to an issue as to what is being exchanged for it. M.o.E Chips are color coded Black and Violet.
x Unlock for purchase: Must be found or rewarded.
x Chip Holster Cost: -5
x Drawback: Vanishes but returns to inventory after a battle.
- Mirei Mikagura
> Powerful little items, as they are used within the Digivice think of them as SD cards that slide into a cellular device or video camera. They come in handy when in a very troublesome spot. Battles can always change for the worse if anything be ready for anything and always expect the unexpected.

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PostSubject: Re: A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook   Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:43 pm

< Combat and Survival >
+ In battles Digimon fight against one another with the help of either their natural born skills or with the help of their partner. Battles hold many rewards if one is able to win and defeat their enemies. Using the system SEGA, it helps with making battles more entertaining and easy to follow.

+ S.E.G.A +
+ SEGA is a turn based system that allows players to have 1 Action. Support, Escape, Guard, and Attack. Players have their character's perform either selection at the cost of their turn UNLESS stated other wise.
- Player A uses a Chip to heal their digimon (Ends Turn)
- Player B's Turn Begins

< Support <
- This allows Players to use items within their inventory to help their partner(s) out.
- Cost: 1 Turn Unless stated otherwise

< Escape <
- If a Player's Digimon has double the speed of their target they are able to escape from battle but if it fails that ends the turn.
- Cost: 1 Turn (If Successful or Not)

< Guard <
- When guarding a Digimon Defense increases by 25% allowing them to take a hit but at least giving them a chance to counter. However this ends the turn if its performed.
- Cost: 1 Turn

< Attack <
- When the Digimon performs a Melee or Skill Move of any kind this allows the Digimon to deal damage but it will End the turn afterwards.
- Cost: 1 Turn


+ Turn Based +
+ After a move has been performed it is now the other player or enemies turn to move after starting. First Move is the Enemy/Player with the highest speed. Additional moves are obtained based upon the base speed of each Digimon or Player in battle.

+ Damage Formula +
- Melee Damage = 1/2 Power
- Skill Damage = Base + Power/Wisdom

+ Increasing & Decreasing Damage +
> 2 Strength = (Total) x3
> 1 Strength = (Total) x2
> 1 Strength + 1 Weakness = (Total) x1.5
> 1 Weakness = (Total) x0.50
> 2 Weakness = (Total) x0.75

+ Evading & Extra Action +
> SPD x2 of Enemy's Attack
> SPD x2 of Enemy's SPD (Start of Turn) Earns extra action in turn.

+ Rewards +
- Winners - Turns x 100 = EXP | Turns x 50 = Yen Earned (Every 10 Yen = 1 Bit)
- Losing - Turns x 50 = EXP | Turns x 25 = Yen Earned (Every 10 Yen = 1 Bit)


+ Losing a Digi-Life +
+ When one loses a digimon partner in battle they are deleted however the digimon actually has its data restored forming a Digi-Egg allowing the player to hatch their partner again. Being reborn a Digimon gains a small bonus to gain powers faster from their past life. But they must pick them up at a Village of Beginnings location.

- Digi-Egg Rebirth = (x1.10 to Base Stats)

> Rebirth Token = (+0.05 Per Rebirth)
Max: 3 Rebirth Tokens

- Mirei Mikagura
> No matter where one goes, it seems battles will always break out either within the digital world or the real world. Its always best to be ready for the outbreak as the world says, "The strongest survive."

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PostSubject: Re: A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook   

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A.TRG: Digmon TGR Player's Handbook
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